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Our Shipping Schedule

Thank you for your order.  Below is our shipping schedule:

You will get an email the day your order ships with the tracking number.

Non Plant Orders:  Generally ships within 3-5 business days from receipt.

Potted muscadine vines ship late Aug-June  (Once every 2-3 weeks.)

Fresh Fruit:  Muscadine Grapes generally ship late August and September depending on ripening.

Strawberry Plugs Shipping Dates:

Zip codes that begin with 1, 4, 5 and 6
begin shipping the first week of September.

Zip codes that begin with 2, 3, and 7
begin shipping beginning the first week of October.

Our dormant plant shipping season is typically mid-November through mid-May.
It can be a little sooner or a little later depending on the weather.

*** We will not ship plants until they are dormant. ***
Some fruit and nut trees will not ship until January. 
Plants and trees online are noted when they will generally ship.

Dormant Plants:
Muscadines – Mid-November through mid-May
Berry Plants – Early December through mid-May

           Bunch Grape – Mid December through mid-May

          Vegetables – Early December through mid-May

          Fruit Trees/Specialty Fruits – Early January through mid-May

          Nut Trees – Early January through mid-May

          Northern Cold States – April through mid-May
                  * If you would like your order shipped sooner please let us know.

We will ship your order when all items in your order are ready to ship and it is time to plant. 
If you would like multiple shipments as the items are available, we can do that for an additional shipping charge.  Just contact our office.

If you live in the colder northern states we do not ship there until April.  If you want to receive your order sooner or on a specific date, please notify us and we will ship at that time. 

Again, thank you for your order and if we can assist you in anyway please let us know.
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