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Black Mission Fig. One of the most popular figs. Medium to large, pear shaped fruit. Flesh is strawberry colored and good flavor. Good for fresh eating or dried fruit.

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SKU: Instant Fig:Ins Black Mission
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The black Mission fig tree is a favorite. This fig tree bears medium to large size fruit and is a heavy bearer. This popular variety fig tree originated in Spain. It produces sweet, pear-shaped fruit that has purplish-black skin with strawberry-colored flesh and a rich flavor. Many experts consider the Black Mission Fig Tree to be the best all-around variety for United States. This fig tree is great for jellies, jams and healthy on-the-go snacking. Ripening summer to Fall, this fig tree will bring you a huge crop of figs.

These trees have a 1″ Caliper and many are approximately 6-7′ tall. The trees are not guaranteed to fruit the year of planting although many will. By ordering larger trees you in essence are buying time. You will shorten the amount of time it takes for your trees to reach fruit bearing age and enjoy the benefit of harvesting fruit sooner.

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