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Wonderful Pomegranate Tree – Box of 10 Trees

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Purchase 10 Wonderful Pomegranate Trees for only $175.00  –  And we include Free Shipping.

*** Must be on an order by itself with no other products.  *** Can not mix varieties. They are ready to ship.

Pomegranate Trees generally ship from January- April.
Please Note:  We ship to colder states beginning in late March and April unless requested earlier

The Wonderful pomegranate is the most popular and widely planted tree of its type, The fruit is extra large and has blushed red skin with juicy rich red flesh.
The sharp-tart exquisite flavor is highly prized the world over. The pomegranate tree is attractive in the landscape & is long-lived. Great as ornamental shrubs or trees in parks & gardens.
The flowers are showy and decorative.  The juice is highly prized and full of healthy benefits. The pomegranate tree is drought tolerant and can be grown in a dry area and in areas where there is good rainfall.
It is best not to plant in wet areas
The plant grows 18′ tall. Fruit generally ripens in September.  The Wonderful is self-fruitful, but planting another pomegranate nearby will increase fruit production on both plants.
Pomegranate Trees produce best in a hot sunny location and only require 150-200 chill hours.
Zone 5-10  Chill Hours:  150-200
The pomegranate shrub or tree is listed approximately 33 times in the Bible. References to the pomegranate in the Bible range from applique on priestly clothing, a shade tree, nutrition and the spiritually pure and wise. The circular calyx at the end of the pomegranate fruit looks like a little crown and that Solomon used this as a model to fashion the crown that he wore.

This very large pomegranate has been around for a long time and has become the most famous of all. Wonderful has blushed red skin with juicy rich red flesh. The juice you see at the supermarket named “POM Wonderful” refers to the “Wonderful” variety. Highly-prized, healthy juice. The plant grows 18′ tall and fruit usually ripens in September.

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2-3′ Pomegranate, 3-4′ Pomegranate

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Zone Range: 5-9
Mature Plant Size: 18'
Chill Hours: 150-200 chill hours.
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