Fire Flight Spray

SKU: Growth, Fungicide and Herbicide:Fire Blight

Category: Disease & Insecticides

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SKU: Growth, Fungicide and Herbicide:Fire Blight
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Product Description

Don’t loose your valuable trees and ornamentals to fire blight! Fire blight is a deadly disease that attacks crabapples, pears, pyracantha, chrysanthemums, rhododendrons, dieffenbachia and roses. Left untreated, your trees and shrubs will die. Stop it early to prevent plant loss. Treat plants at the first sign of the disease with Fertilome Fire Blight Spray.

Streptomycn – the active ingredient in Fertilome Fire Blight Spray is safe to use on fruits. Nor will it damage sensitive ornamentals.

Apply 1 TBLSP per 2-1/2 gallons of water as soon as trees & shrubs start flowering in spring.

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