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Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plugs

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Product Description

We are now accepting orders for Strawberry Plugs

 We have seen a huge increase in the demand for plants since March. 

We anticipate that we will sell out.  Reserve yours early.
(coupon codes are not valid on strawberry plugs however you can take advantage of quantity discounts)

We cannot ship strawberry plugs to California.

    September Shipping:  Zip Codes beginning with 0, 1, 4, 5 and 6.

      October Shipping:  All other Zip Codes

Planting strawberry plugs is the best way to get the sweetest and largest strawberries available in Spring. Plant in September to October and you will be picking delicious berries the following Spring!  Your family will enjoy picking fresh sweet strawberries out of your garden.  Nothing is better than delicious strawberry pie made with fresh home grown strawberries.  Find that favorite pound cake recipe and top it off with some fresh sliced strawberries from your own garden.  We have two delicious varieties available that will quickly become a family favorite.

Sweet Charlie is such a beautiful berry! Berries are very large, sweet and a vibrant red color.  They taste like they have sugar on them fresh from the field.  Performs excellent in heat and humidity. Bears early in the season and produces over several weeks. Sweet Charlie produces 7-10 days before Chandler. This variety produces 1-2 pints of delicious sweet berries per plant.

Sweet Charlie is a vigorous producer and a great choice for the home garden. It is one of the favorites for dessert berries.  

Hardy in Zones 5-9.

If you want to be enjoying beautiful large sweet strawberries in the Spring, then order your strawberry plugs for Fall Shipping.

Plugs are shipped in trays of 50 individual plugs.

Less Plant Loss – only 1%.  Intact root ball in each plant  Plant in fall, pick in spring.

(coupon codes are not valid on strawberry plugs)


50 (1 tray)       $     36.95

100 (2 trays)          69.95

150 (3 trays)          104.95

200 (4 trays)         135.95

300 (6 trays)         199.95

500 (10 trays)       300.00

1000 (20 trays)    495.00


Shipping Costs:

Due to the size and the weight of the trays there is a $2.00 – $5.00 shipping charge per tray added to the standard shipping costs based on quantity ordered. 

How to grow strawberry plugs: Click Here

Additional Information


50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000

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