Red Flame Bunch Grape Vine

SKU: Bunch Grapes:Red Flame

Red Flame Bunch Grape. Seedless. Crisp flavor. Zones 7-10

Category: Seedless Bunch Grape Vines

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SKU: Bunch Grapes:Red Flame
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Product Description

Red Flame is a very popular bunch grape variety that is well known for its crisp flavor. This red seedless variety produces elongated, loose and medium sized clusters. The color is a dark red that is beautiful hanging on the vine. Red Flame prefers plenty of heat during ripening period. This red grape is the one most often found in grocery stores. Ripens just a few days a head of Concord.

Bunch grapes typically ship between late December and late April.

Product Details

Fruit Color: Red
Fruit Size: Medium
Ripens/Harvest: September
pH: 5.5 - 6.5
Years to Bear: 2-4 Yrs
Zone Range: 7 - 10
Plant Spacing: 6-8 ft
Pollination: Self-Fruitful
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