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It’s Muscadine Month

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It’s Muscadine Month! Save 20% on 2 Yr & 2 Yr Plus Vines. ( Coupon Code GRAPE20)

Our roadside fruit stand is open Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm

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We have seen a huge increase in the demand for plants since March. 
We anticipate that we will sell out of most of this years inventory. 
We recommend reserving  yours early.

Deal of the Week

Picking Bucket with Harness.

Picking Bucket – 18 Quart

$39.95 $34.95

Here at Ison’s Nursery we hand pick our fruit. We would not even go out in the vineyard without this 18 quart picking bucket. We have been using these buckets over the past 25 years and have found them to be the perfect container for picking muscadines. The strap helps hold the fruit and frees both hands to allow for quicker picking.

Plastic 18 Quart Bucket perfect for picking needs!

Crescent kidney shaped buckets can be used for picking muscadines, apples, cherries, olives, peaches, apricots, blueberries, etc.

Includes our matching strap and harness to help you carry that bucket full of fruit.

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Product Profile

Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plugs

$36.95 - $495.00

Sweet Charlie is such a beautiful berry! Berries are very large, sweet and a vibrant red color.  They taste like they have sugar on them fresh from the field.  Performs excellent in heat and humidity. Bears early in the season and produces over several weeks. Sweet Charlie produces 7-10 days before Chandler. This variety produces 1-2 pints of delicious sweet berries per plant.

Sweet Charlie is a vigorous producer and a great choice for the home garden. It is one of the favorites for dessert berries.  

Hardy in Zones 5-9.

If you want to be enjoying beautiful large sweet strawberries in the Spring, then order your strawberry plugs for Fall Shipping.

Plugs are shipped in trays of 50 individual plugs.

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The Tradition of Ison’s

Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard in Georgia is the largest and oldest grower of muscadine vines. In fact we are one of the oldest mail order nurseries in the US. We know that fruit tastes best when it’s picked from your own backyard. We have been growing high quality plants and trees that you can depend on for over 86 years. It’s not just a business, it’s about family. Ours and yours. Your success is our success.

Ison’s is a third-generation, family-owned grower of muscadines. Our longevity, the quality of our plants, affordable pricing, personal customer service and the fact that our customers purchase directly from us, is testament to our great name and reputation. Word-of-mouth has always been our best advertising. Our business was built on it.

We offer over 200 varieties of fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, small fruits and flowering shrubs and trees.

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Growers You Can Trust

I have ordered around 500 muscadine vines from Isons. The top 3 I have ordered are Darlene, Supreme & the Ison. They all 3 produced great. The Supreme was amazing in size and the Ison had a very large yield. Both made great wine & jelly. The Darlene had a great yield of quarter size to 50 cent size bronze grapes and a very sweet one. Had only 20?plants but the yield was great. My loss on all vines was so low it was unbelievable. Also we had a lot of silver dollar size of Supreme grapes

Healthy nursery stock, great customer service, and a wide selection of garden, orchard, and vineyard supplies. I recommend Ison’s to everybody wanting a little fruit in their lives.

We’ve bought muscadine vines from Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard for over 13 years now and have always received excellent service with a personal touch. Greg Ison has a vast knowledge of muscadine and is always ready to share his knowledge. Thanks Greg for all your help over the years, to include the articles you post on your blog. Very helpful!

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