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What is the best fertilizer for my  fruiting plants?  


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Deal of the Week

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer – 5 lb. Bag

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Calcium Nitrate for muscadine vines

Calcium nitrate contains two of the basic nourishment elements that plants must have. Nitrate nitrogen and calcium. Calcium nitrate is the best choice for any kind of plants in all soils and climates for top fertilization. We use it on all of our new plantings of muscadine vines. It increases growth and helps establish the framework of the vine quicker.

It increases yield and quality
It builds up resistance to disease and pests
It extends the storage life of fruits
Rapid absorption of calcium and nitrate

For newly planted muscadine vines
2 weeks after applying fertilizer to vines – apply Calcium Nitrate
April 15, May 15, June 15 and July 15 – at a rate of 1/4 lb per vine.
For mature vines
Apply Calcium Nitrate early to mid July at a rate of 1/4 lb per vine.

Rate of 1 cup per 50’ row. Recommend ¼ lb per plant.

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Product Profile

Heartnut Tree


Heartnut Walnut Trees
The heartnut is a unique walnut that is in the shape of a heart.  It is also known as a Japanese Walnut.  When the nut is rapped on the edge is opens like a locket making it easy to get to the sweet heart shaped kernel.  The nuts are sweet and very healthy providing high protein.  Foliage is very beautiful providing great shade in the hot summer months.  Tree reaches 20-30′ tall and 20-25′ wide.  For proper pollination plant two trees.  Zones 5-8.  Takes 3 – 5 years to produce.  Nuts ripen in September.  

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The Tradition of Ison’s

Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard in Georgia is the largest and oldest grower of muscadine vines. In fact we are one of the oldest mail order nurseries in the US. We know that fruit tastes best when it’s picked from your own backyard. We have been growing high quality plants and trees that you can depend on for over 85 years. It’s not just a business, it’s about family. Ours and yours. Your success is our success.

Ison’s is a third-generation, family-owned grower of muscadines. Our longevity, the quality of our plants, affordable pricing, personal customer service and the fact that our customers purchase directly from us, is testament to our great name and reputation. Word-of-mouth has always been our best advertising. Our business was built on it.

We offer over 200 varieties of fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, small fruits and flowering shrubs and trees.

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Growers You Can Trust

Healthy nursery stock, great customer service, and a wide selection of garden, orchard, and vineyard supplies. I recommend Ison’s to everybody wanting a little fruit in their lives!


Bethlehem, GA

Ison’s Nursery has made me very happy! They have restored my faith in on-line nurseries. I have gotten in around 30 fruit trees and berry plants from them in the past 2 or three months and strawberry plants and other products. I like the way they treated me and the way the shipments are made, the packaging and the quality of the plants. I look forward to doing business with them for a lot years. Thanks Ison’s Team!


Dothan, AL

Great company with awesome products and an amazing staff! Thank you all for helping me start my home orchard, berry patch, and vineyard!


Springfield, IL

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