Self-Fertile Varieties

Muscadine vines will begin shipping late November once they are in dormancy.
They are shipped through April or until  they are sold out

** Tip:  To receive your muscadine vines the fastest – we recommend placing an order for muscadine vines on an order all by themselves. (When other plants and trees are on the order we will wait until everything is ready before we ship. This saves on shipping costs. Some trees will not be in dormancy until January and this can cause a delay.)

Muscadine vines are in higher demand than ever before.

  • Self-fertile muscadine varieties  produce fruit on their own and also pollinate up to 3 females within 50′.
  • A bronze female can be pollinated by a black self-fertile and a black female can pollinated by a bronze self-fertile.
  • Wherever you have a female muscadine planted you must have a self-fertile within 50 feet.
  • Self-fertile varieties produce fruit that generally is not as large as female varieties but are very delicious in flavor.
  •  One self-fertile variety can pollinate up to three female varieties.
  • Keep in mind that female varieties will not produce fruit with out proper pollination by a self-fertile variety.

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