Profusion Crabapple Tree

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SKU: Flowering Tree:Profusion Crab

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The Profusion Crabapple is a beautiful  showpiece for your yard.  This tree provides not only shade but also beautiful color to your landscape.  In the Spring, you will enjoy a profusion of beautiful pink flowers that blanket the entire tree.   Once the flower are gone, the tree will have shiny, green leaves.

The shiny green leaves will turn into a beautiful golden copper in the fall.  Miniature size apples will appear in the fall providing pops of red all over the tree.  You can leave these fruits on the tree or you can make delicious crabapple jelly with them.

The Profusion Crabapple is a stunning tree with a mature height of 15 to 20 feet and a width of 15 to 25 feet, making it a perfect focal tree for almost any yard. The Profusion Crabapple thrives in full sun and just about any type of soil. It is also disease and pest resistant, low maintenance, and extremely hardy.

The Profusion Crabapple can even tolerate salt, pollution, and deer. Oh, and yet another bonus, the Profusion Crabapple pollinates several types of apple trees like Granny Smith, Braeburn, Jonathan, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady to name a few! You will enjoy this easy and beautiful tree for years to come! Purchase a tree your family will love! Get your Profusion Crabapple today!

Zones: 4-8

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Fruit Color: White
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