Gripple Wire Joiners

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Gripple Wire Joiner

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SKU: Wire and Wire Tools:Gripple Joiners
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Product Description

This Gripple Wire Joiner will save time and effort when joining wires, tensioning or terminating a wire at a strainer post. Wires are simply pushed through joiner in each direction. The one way grip means each wire is firmly held. Made with long lasting alloy casing and stainless steel springs.

These Gripple Wire Joiners are up to six times faster than traditional methods of joining smooth wire and fencing. Inside the Gripple, each wire moves in one direction only, passing over high precision gear-tooth rollers. The moment any load is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers bite, locking the wire.

Use for in-line splices, loop anchoring and repairs in vineyards, orchards and farms. Recommended for trellis lines up to 500 feet.

The Gripple Tensioning Tool is optional to make pulling the wire through the fastener.

  • Join and tension in one
  • Faster than tying and knotting wires
  • Saves time and money in labor
  • High load holding
  • High grade ceramic roller for optimum corrosion
  • Adjustable and can be re-tensioned year-after-year


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1 Roll, 10 Roll Package, 20 Roll Package

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