Strawberry Plugs

Sold  Out  For  The  Season

*** Strawberry Plugs Must Be On An Order By Themselves.***

Because of the timing of shipping and the specialized boxing required – we do not allow other plants, trees or inventory to be included when ordering strawberry plugs.

We do not ship strawberry plugs west of Texas.
Not Available to ship to: AZ,  CA,  CO,  ID,  MT,  NM,  NV, OR,  UT, WA

The secret is out.  Commercial U-Pick strawberry farms plant strawberry plugs in the fall and have large, sweet, delicious strawberries in the spring.  Planting the plugs is a huge factor in their success.  Now YOU can enjoy this same success.

Plant strawberry plugs in the fall and start picking sweet, large, juicy berries in the Spring right from your own back yard!  There are many benefits to planting strawberry plugs. Ideal for commercial and home gardeners.

If you want to enjoy beautiful large sweet strawberries in the Spring, then order your strawberry plugs for Fall Shipping.

Advantages of Strawberry Plugs:
o Less Plant Loss – only 1%.
o Each plant has intact root ball.
o Plant in Fall, pick in Spring.

Shipping Dates:
All orders placed after 8/14 will ship in October.

Plugs are shipped in trays of 50 individual plugs.

How to grow strawberry plugs: Click Here

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