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Sweet Scarlet Goumi Berry

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SKU: Goumni Berry:Sweet Scarlet

Product Description

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This unique fruit is native to the Russian Far East, China and Japan, Goumi is a very popular fruit in these regions and is now widely planted in many European and American gardens. Goumi forms a medium size shrub growing to 6 ft in height with attractive, silvery green foliage. It’s white flowers bloom in the middle to the end of May and are very fragrant and loved by bees making it a fantastic pollinator. The juicy, scarlet-red fruit is speckled with silver and ripens in July. Aromatic with a flavor reminiscent of pie cherries, it is very good eaten fresh and also makes tasty preserves.  Goumi berry bushes have a unique feature that allows them to grow in poor soils.

The Sweet Scarlet™ Goumi berry is a little larger than the Red Gem Goumi berry.  self-fertile; .

Goumi bushes have very high nutritional value.  They are high in vitamins C, A and E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and flavonoids.

Goumi bushes like full to half day sun, well drained soil and usually begins bearing the 2nd year after planting. It is hardy to minus 25 degrees F., USDA Zone 4, and is pest and disease resistant.

Shipping Size:  1-2′ tall

Site and Soil: Sweet Scarlet ™ Goumi likes full to 1/2 day sun and well-drained soil.

Hardiness: Goumi is hardy to minus 25° F.

Bloom Time: May

Pests & Diseases: Goumi is not bothered by pests or diseases.

USDA Zone: 4
Sunset Western Zone: 2b-24

Product Details

Fruit Color: Red
Fruit Size: Medium to Large
Uses: Fresh Eating, Pies, Cooking
Sugar Content: Sweet-Tart depending on ripening.
Ripens/Harvest: July
pH: 6.0-6.5
Years to Bear: 2-3
Zone Range: 4-8
Plant Spacing: 5'
Pollination: Self-Fertile
Mature Plant Size: 5-6'
Spread: 5-6'
Fruit Yield: 10-15 lbs.
Sun/Shade: Full to Half Day Sun
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