Kickin Muscadine Pepper Jelly

SKU: Edible Products:Pepper Jelly 18 Oz

Muscadine Pepper Jelly.

Category: Jelly, Preserves and Butter

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SKU: Edible Products:Pepper Jelly 18 Oz
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Product Description

Talk about something that will knock your socks off, this Muscadine Pepper Jelly will come close! This unique pepper jelly is made with jalapeños and bell peppers to add a little heat. Unlike any other pepper jelly you have eaten before.

When we took this treat to the vineyard to take pictures for out catalog, we almost did not get any because after one taste we could not stop eating it. It was truly very pleasing to the palate.

Enjoy it over cream cheese or other vegetables. We have also had many customers who have had it as a topping with steaks and other meats.

This Kickin’ Pepper Jelly comes in a large 18 oz glass jar.

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