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Muscadine Juice/Cider Gift Pack



Product Description

This two bottle gift pack is a perfect gift for holidays and special occasions.  It makes a unique gift for those that love the wonderful flavor of the great southern muscadine!  Choose between ciders or juices.  Choose two of your choice for the gift pack.  It comes in a carrier with a beautiful label on it.  Each bottle of juice or cider contains 25.4 ounces.

Muscadine Juice:

No other grape compares to the taste of the Muscadine grape. This juice is full of natural flavor and sweetness. Muscadine juice is a delicious beverage your whole family will enjoy. This juice is 100% juice with no sugar added. It is not from concentrate. You can now enjoy the taste of muscadines year round. Available in Red Juice or White Juice. Red juice is made from red muscadine varieties and the white juice is made from bronze muscadine varieties. Bottle contains 25.4 ounces.

Muscadine Cider:

This Muscadine cider is made from fresh picked muscadines that are cold treated and then pasteurized. This cider blend is sweetened with pure cane sugar that produces a tangy, juicy explosion of sweet flavor. It is a great thirst quencher served hot or cold just like apple cider.  Available in Red only.  Bottle contains 25.4 ounces.

Additional Information


2 Red Juice, 2 White Juice, 1 Red Juice and 1 White Juice, 2 Red Cider, 1 Red Juice and 1 Red Cider, 1 White Juice and 1 Red Cider

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