Li Jujube Tree

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Li Jujube Tree. The number one seller. 1½ inches long, round-plump. Ripens: Fall, mid season, 150 chill hours. Zones 5-10.

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SKU: Jujube:Li 4-5'

Product Description

We have stopped shipping plants for this planting season.

We will begin taking reservations for plants in July to be delivered next season.  Please check back with us then.

Generally ships from  January – May.

The Li Jujube tree produces among the largest fruit of any variety of Jujubes. It has great flavor. Round shaped fruit that is larger than Lang.
The fruit is reddish-brown, with a dry and wrinkled look. It is sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in the fall.
Jujubes are an attractive addition to your home garden. Jujube trees have a lovely form, with interesting zig-zag branches. They are easy to grow. They reach around 2 inches in diameter.
The Li Jujube is self-fertile but will produce higher fruit yields when planted with Lang.
Jujube trees are drought resistant, thorny and virtually pest and disease free.
They require a long hot summer. Jujube’s only require 150 chill hours. ( below 45 degrees.)
Very cold hardy. Trees grow to 8-10′ in height. Jujubes likes half day to full sun and well-drained soil.  Zone 5-10

Product Details

Fruit Size: Very large
Ripens/Harvest: September
Zone Range: 5-10
Chill Hours: 150
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