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CWB:BERRIES Rasp & Black Storey Country Wisdom Book

SKU: Books:BERRIES Rasp & Black

Berries, Raspberry and Blackberry

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SKU: Books:BERRIES Rasp & Black
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Product Description

Berries, Rasp- & Black by Louise Riotte is a Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin (36 pages).

This series of small books contain practical hands on instructions designed to help you master traditional country skills easily. We have picked the titles suited for growers of fruits, nuts and berries. These bulletins are loaded with helpful information at a small price. We recommend each book to backyard growers.

Are you thinking about starting your own berry patch? Or do you have a raspberry or blackberry patch and want to know how to keep it in tip-top berry-producing shape? Louise Riotte can show you how! In Berries, Rasp- & Black, you’ll learn: which raspberries and blackberries will do best in your garden; how and where to plant berry bushes; what and how often to feed your berry bushes for ultimate yield; proven techniques for protecting your plants from pests and disease; how to prune and propagate berry bushes; when and how to harvest your raspberries and blackberries.

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