Hardy Kiwi

Generally ships from January through April.

We all love kiwi fruit from the supermarket but not the fuzzy outside. There is a variety of kiwi that is sweeter, fuzz free and the size of a grape. You can easily grow this fruit in your back yard! The Hardy Kiwi is ideal for backyard growers that love the flavor and taste of kiwi..

Hardy Kiwi can be grown as far north as zone 6. The vine grows very quickly, is attractive and, importantly, is very disease and pest resistant.

The ornamental appeal of hardy kiwi helps maximize space in home landscapes by doing the double-duty of looking good while producing fruit. Reddish vines with rich green leaves and fruit are kiwi’s decorative qualities. Consider growing hardy kiwi on a pergola or trellis in a sunny spot in your ornamental garden. One plant can grow 15 feet in one year, so it will quickly fill-in and cover the structure.

One plant will get large quickly but two plants – a male and a female – are required to make fruit. If you’d like more plants or would like to try other varieties, you can often purchase only females because you only need one male for approximately every six females.

Hardy Kiwi takes a one to three years before fruit is made. Yields will increase after the first year. Male plants are needed to help the females to perform their function.

Like many fruits, hardy kiwi needs full sun and consistent moisture to thrive. Give your kiwi rich and well-drained soil and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful vines that are full of sweet fruit. When watering, deep soakings rather than constant shallow watering during dry spells will help produce the best fruit.

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