Paulk Muscadine

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SKU: Muscadine-Paulk:Paulk
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Product Description

We are now taking reservations for muscadine vines to be delivered beginning next season.
We will begin shipping muscadine vines in late-November and will ship them through late April. 

“PAULK” The newly released University of Georgia ‘Paulk’ muscadine offers 
reliable yields for growers and bigger fruit for consumers.

Very limited supplies.  Reserve Early. They will sell out early.

Be among the first to add the “PAULK” muscadine to your vineyard.
  • First self-fertile cultivar where berry size has continued to be large over time.
  • Large Fruit
  • Consistent high yields
  • Very Sweet
  • Good vigor
  • Mid-late season

Named in Honor of Jacob Paulk, Founder of Paulk Vineyards.

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Adding BLUE-X Plant Shelters to your muscadine vines. BLUE-X Grapevine Shelters create a beneficial microclimate for each grapevine. The increased humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the grow tubes accelerate plant growth and enhance vine survival. This will increase vine growth up to 150% the first year and will increase fruit yields your first harvest season. As an added benefit they protect young vines from rodents, rabbits and other herbivores.

We offer the only shelter on the market today that takes advantage of beneficial blue light!
It’s a small cost but offers a big reward for your vineyard.

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Additional Information


2 year Bare-root (2-4\’), 2 year Bare-root Plus (5\’+), 2 year Potted (1 gallon)

Product Details

Fruit Color: Black
Fruit Size: 1 1/8"
Uses: Fresh Eating - Wine - Jelly - Juice
Sugar Content: 19%
Ripens/Harvest: Mid to Late Season
pH: 6.0-6.5
Years to Bear: 2 Years
Zone Range: 7-10
Plant Spacing: 15-20 ft
Pollination: Self-Fertile
Depth: Top root 1-2" below ground
Spread: 15-20 ft
Fruit Yield: 60+ lbs
Sun/Shade: Full sun
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