Fresh Fruit Muscadines

Sold Out For The Season

Muscadine Fruit

The fruit will ship in September during harvest season. 

*** Muscadine Fruit Must Be On An Order By Itself. ***
Because of the timing of shipping and the specialized boxing required – we do not allow other plants, trees or inventory to be included when ordering Fresh Muscadine Grapes.

Fresh Fruit from our vineyard to your door.
We ship the #1 best selling muscadine grape variety “Supreme” and you will love it. The muscadines are freshly picked in our vineyard then cooled and placed in 1 quart clamshells.  It is shipped in a special insulated container directly to you. Supreme is the highest quality muscadine available. It is our most popular variety and everyone who tries it loves it.

There is just nothing like muscadine harvest season on our farm. We look forward to it every year. It is a time that we enjoy the bounty of the years labor.

For years we have been asked to please ship muscadine fruit. We are so glad that in recent years we have found a way to ship the fruit successfully.

We still run the roadside fruit-stand during harvest season. We also provide muscadines to grocery stores and many wholesalers. BUT we also set aside a percentage that we can ship to you.

In September the muscadines are pricked fresh in the morning. It is then chilled and shipped in 1-quart clamshells.
We only have a set amount to ship – so it is important to reserve early. Once we meet that threshold-we will stop taking orders.
It is a taste that will take you back to your childhood.

Share a taste of the south with family and friends.

Take a look at this video clip of SUPREME.

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