Potted Muscadines (6 Plant Minimum)

Potted muscadines ship once every 2 to 3 weeks
Beautiful two year muscadine vines in one gallon containers. This gives the grower the convenience of planting when you’re ready and eliminates the guess work of the planting depth. 
There is a six plant minimum order. You can mix and match varieties. 
Due to the weight of the package there is $20.00 shipping charge per 6 plants ordered. 

Must be ordered in increments of 6 plants.

  • Potted Muscadines are two year plants in one gallon pots.
  • Potted Muscadines ship year round.
  • You must order a minimum of six potted plants in order to be shipped.
  • If you do not order the minimum, your potted plant will be changed to a 2 year bare-root plus plant.

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