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Triple Crown Blackberry Plant

SKU: Blackberry:Triple Crown

Triple Crown Blackberry. Thorn-less semi erect. High yields, large fruit with excellent flavor. Very winter hardy. Zones 5-9

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SKU: Blackberry:Triple Crown
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Product Description

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Triple Crown is named for its three attributes; flavor, productivity and vigor. This very hardy variety offers two other attributes; disease resistance and very large berries. The thorn-less blackberry ripens for about one month from end of July through August. Semi-erect, the canes can be trellised or pruned in summer to an easy picking height of 42″. Does well on East and West Coasts.

Triple Crown is a trailing Blackberry that will bear consistent huge fruit yields year after year. Fruits ripen to a juicy sweet flavor; over a 5-week period you can harvest and enjoy eating the large black beauties everyday for over 30 days. The plant is semi-erect and thornless and bears large, flavorful fruit. Strong canes can support many pounds of fruit without trellising. Triple Crown would be a good choice to help extend the blackberry season for home gardeners.

Blackberry Planting Instructions

Product Details

Fruit Color: Black
Fruit Size: Large
Ripens/Harvest: June
pH: 6.0 - 6.5
Years to Bear: 2 Yrs
Zone Range: 5 - 9
Plant Spacing: 8-10 ft
Pollination: Self-Fruitful
Sun/Shade: Full sun
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