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20th Century Asian Pear Tree, An all time favorite. Ripens late July to mid-Aug. 400-500 chill hours. Zones 6-9.

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SKU: Instant Asian Pear:Ins 20th Century
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Product Description

Generally ships from January through April.


The 20th Century Asian pear tree produces the unique apple pear. This pear tree has delicious, firm, crisp and juicy pears. This Asian pear’s skin is a beautiful yellow-green color. The 20th Century Asian pear tree requires a different pear variety for pollination and ripens late July through mid-August.

These trees have a 3/4 – 1″ Caliper and many are approximately 6-7′ tall. The trees are not guaranteed to fruit the year of planting although many will. By ordering larger trees you in essence are buying time. You will shorten the amount of time it takes for your trees to reach fruit bearing age and enjoy the benefit of harvesting fruit sooner.

Product Details

Fruit Color: Yellow
Fruit Size: Medium
Ripens/Harvest: Jul. - Aug.
pH: 6.0 - 7.0
Zone Range: 6 - 9
Plant Spacing: 20 ft
Pollination: Partly Self-Fruitful
Depth: Graft 2 inches above soil
Mature Plant Size: 15-20 ft
Chill Hours: 450-500
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