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Landscaping With Fruit – Beautiful home gardens with fruit

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SKU: Books:Landscaping With Fruit
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Product Description

Landscaping with Fruit is a complete guide to growing temperate-zone fruit. This book covers everything from planting and pruning to pest control and harvesting. You will learn all the basics of landscaping with fruit. This includes analysis of your site and climate, understanding soil and sun and selecting plants and growing them successfully.

Fruit trees, shrubs and vines are true two-for-one plants, and are well suited for double duty as sources of delicious food and ornamental additions to the home landscape.

“Luscious landscaping,” as author Lee Reich calls it, brings fruit plants to yards everywhere. Spring blossoms, summer and fall fruit and the year-round presence of plants bring a special magic to the home landscape. In addition they provide sweet, nutritious fruit in season.


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