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Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer – 5 lb. Bag

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Product Description

Calcium nitrate contains two of the basic nourishment elements that plants must have, nitrate nitrogen and calcium. Calcium nitrate is the best choice for plants in all soils and climates for top fertilization. We use it on all of our new plantings of muscadine vines. Calcium nitrate fertilizer increases growth and helps establish the framework of the vine quicker.


Increases yield and quality
Builds up resistance to disease and pests
Extends the storage life of fruits
Rapidly absorbs calcium and nitrate

For newly planted muscadine vines
2 weeks after applying fertilizer to vines – apply Calcium Nitrate
April 15, May 15, June 15 and July 15 – at a rate of 1/4 lb. per vine.
For mature vines
Apply Calcium Nitrate early to mid July at a rate of 1/4 lb. per vine.

Rate of 1 cup per 50’ row. Recommend ¼ lb. per plant.

Comes in 5 lb. bag.

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