Tapener Tying Tool



Product Description

We have been using this tool in our vineyards for the last 20 years. It makes training your vines much easier. Every grower with 1/4″ acre or more needs this for tying vines to the wire. This does the work of four men, single handedly. This could also be used to train trailing berries or other vines and fruits.

Easy, simple operation! Tie plants with the squeeze of your hand! Only one squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws ready to wrap around the plant stem and support. A second squeeze staples the tape firmly and cuts it off neatly. Device is then ready to continue tying. 

Tapener Tying Tool includes blades.  Does not include staples and tying tape.

Available Sizes:

Small Tapener Tying Tool – Holds 80′ rolls of tape.

Large Tapener Tying Tool – Holds 200′ rolls of tape.

Note:  Both sizes use the same blades and staples.  The small and large tapener tying tools are the same except for the size roll of tape it holds.


Additional Information


Small Tying Tool – Holds 80′ Tying Tape, Large Tying Tool – Holds 200′ Tying Tape

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