Tree Limb Spreaders



Product Description

These Limb Spreaders are ideal for helping improve your fruit trees form.  The limb spreaders assist in opening up the trees canopy to help the tree receive more light and air circulation.  This is important to the tree and allows for better health of the tree and helps increase the size of the fruit and quality of the fruit.

These limb spreaders are very simple to use.  You just wedge the sturdy and lightweight spreaders between a young tree branches and the trunk of the tree.  This will enourage wider and stronger angles on the branches.  The angle usually is about 45 degrees from the vertical.

These limb spreaders are reusable and comes in 6″ and 9″ which we recommend for cherries, plums and peaches.  We also have 12″ spreaders that is great for apples and pears.  Each size limb spreaders come in bags of 10.

Branch & Limb Spreaders for Training Fruit Trees.
  • Limb spreaders for training limbs with a strong crotch angle.
  • Strong crotch angles are desirable to properly support a limb with a heavy fruit set
  • Allows light to penetrate the tree canopy or simply prevent splitting of the branch.
  • High quality molded recycled plastic is very strong; resists effects of weather.


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6″ Limb Spreader (Bag of 10), 9″ Limb Spreader (Bag of 10), 12″ Limb Spreader (Bag of 10)

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