Wire Gripple Tensioning Tool

SKU: Wire and Wire Tools:Gripple Tool

Gripple Tensioning Tool
Gripple Tensioning Tool

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SKU: Wire and Wire Tools:Gripple Tool
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Product Description

This is perfect for setting up your vineyard. Use it for tensioning the initial installation, carrying out repairs and general maintenance. It can generate 880 pounds of load. For use with all sizes of Gripple.

The Gripple Tensioning Tool not only tensions wire but regulates the load applied too, delivering consistent results every time and maximizing the life of the wire.

The Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool allows you to tension wire up to 880lbs with minimal effort due to the 6:1 gear drive mechanism.

Whether tensioning fence wire, trellis wire or wire rope for anchoring systems, the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool will work on all Gripple units up to a 6mm diameter.

The integral torque gauge controls the load applied to the wire, giving consistent tension every time and optimizing the life of the wire.

Measure from 220lbs to 660lbs.

Easy to use and lightweight for repetitive tensioning.


– As with any tool, good care will extend the Gripple Torq Tool life.

– Regularly lubricate the cam area for smooth operation.

– Replacement cam sets are available should the teeth wear.


– Simply rotate the dial to the required tension.

– Open the tool handles fully.

– Locate the mouthpiece onto the Gripple unit and grip the wire with the cam.

– Squeeze the handles together to start tensioning the wire.

– Repeat until the required tension is reached.

– When the wire has achieved the desired tension, the tool will click and the right handle grip displace slightly, to indicate tension achieved.

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