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Micro Flapper Emitters

Microflapper Emitters available in 1/2, 1 and 2 gph - Drip Irriagation

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Product Description

Micro Flappers emitters are very easy to install in your drip irrigation line. This emitter is a single outlet low flow emitter and pressure compensating and self-flushing when turned off. It does an excellent job of cleaning small particles from the line every time it is turned off.
Primary Application: Designed for vines, trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover planting beds.

Emitter Diaphragm is constructed from liquid silicone rubber, which delivers uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range from 15 PSI to 70 PSI.

The acu-emitter includes three color-coded models to identify various flow rates:

Brown: .5 GPH

Black: 1 GPH

Green: 2 GPH

Emitter Diaphragm is self-flushing.

We use these emitters through out our vineyard. You can either place an emitter on each side of the vine or just put one by the vine. We recommend placing 4-6 inches beside your vine on your drip tubing. The 1 gph is the one most commonly used. This will make watering your vineyards very simple and requires much less work.

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0.5 Gallons Per Hour (Brown), 1 Gallons Per Hour (Black), 2 Gallons Per Hour (Green)

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