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20th Century Asian Pear Tree

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20th Century Asian Pear Tree, An all time favorite. Ripens late July to mid-Aug. 400-500 chill hours. Zones 6-9.

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Product Description

We are now taking orders for Asian Pear Trees. We will begin shipping them in January.
Please Note: When you order online your cc will be charged immediately. For delayed billing call (800) 733-0324 & order by phone.

*** Asian Pear Trees ship from January through April ***
*** We ship to colder states beginning in late March and early April UNLESS requested earlier.
If you live in Virginia or above tell us in the comments if you want your order shipped as soon as they are  available or in April 2024.


The 20th Century Asian Pear Tree produces the unique apple pear. This pear tree has delicious, firm, crisp and very juicy round pears. This Asian pear’s skin is a beautiful yellow-green color. Its flesh is juicy and creamy-white, offering a refreshing taste that’s a blend of sweetness and slight tartness. These pears are often enjoyed fresh due to their delightful texture and flavor.

The 20th Century Asian pear tree requires a different pear variety for pollination.

Trees are 4-5′ with a 1/2″ caliper

Zones 5-8       Chill Hours: 300-400

Product Details

Fruit Color: Yellow
Fruit Size: Medium
Ripens/Harvest: Jul. - Aug.
pH: 6.0 - 7.0
Years to Bear: 3-5 Yrs
Zone Range: 6 - 9
Plant Spacing: 20 ft
Pollination: Partly Self-fertile
Depth: Graft 2 inches above soil
Mature Plant Size: 15 - 20 ft
Chill Hours: 450 - 500
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