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Transcendent Crabapple Tree

SKU: Crabapple:Transcendent 4-5'

Category: Crabapple Trees

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SKU: Crabapple:Transcendent 4-5'
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Product Description

We are now taking reservations for winter delivery. 
Generally ships from December through April.
Please note that when placing an order online your cc is charged immediately.
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Generally ships from December-April.

The Transcendent Crabapple tree yields fruit that is yellow with red cheek. Heavy bearer. Long time favorite for fresh eating and cooking. Fine for jelly. A beautiful variety of Siberian Crabapple displaying showy white spring blooms. Good pollinator for other apples.

Generally ships from mid December- May.


Product Details

Fruit Color: Yellow-Reddish
Fruit Size: Large
Ripens/Harvest: Aug. - Sep.
pH: 6.0 - 7.0
Years to Bear: 2-4 Yrs
Zone Range: 3 - 10
Plant Spacing: 20 ft
Pollination: Self-Fruitful
Mature Plant Size: 15-25 ft
Chill Hours: 300-800
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