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Dixieland Peach Tree 3-4′

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Dixieland Peach Tree. Freestone. Very large. A favorite. Sweet and very juicy. Grows great throughout the southeast. 750 chill hours. Zones 5-8.

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Product Description

Sold Out For The Season

*** Peach Trees ship from January through April ***
*** We ship to colder states beginning in late March and early April UNLESS requested earlier.
If you live in Virginia or above tell us in the comments if you want your order shipped as soon as they are  available or in April 2024.

The Dixieland Peach Tree produces large freestone peaches with yellow flesh. This sweet and juicy variety is a favorite that grows well throughout the southeastern U.S. and in the cooler areas of the Gulf Coast. Ripens 3 days prior to Elberta.

750 chill hours. Zones 5-8

Trees are 3-4′ with a 1/4″ caliper

Product Details

Fruit Color: Yellow/Red Blush Skin with Yellow Flesh
Fruit Size: Very Large
Ripens/Harvest: August
pH: 6.0-7.0
Years to Bear: 2-3 years
Zone Range: 5-8
Plant Spacing: 18 feet
Chill Hours: 750
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