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Tanenashi Persimmon Tree

Tanenashi Persimmon Tree. Astringent. Large to very large long round fruit. Almost always seedless. 100-200 chill hours. Zones 7-10.

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*** Persimmon Trees generally ship from January through April ***
*** We ship to colder states beginning in late March and early April UNLESS requested earlier.
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The Tanenashi Persimmon Tree produces large light orange fruit that is sweet once fully ripe. Fruit is cone shaped.  A young bearer, this persimmon tree can reach 30 feet in height and holds its fruit well into late fall.  The Tanenashi persimmon tree is a heavy producer.  The name translates to “seedless”.

Tanenashi is the top variety for drying in Japan.

Astringent until fully ripe.    Heat tolerant.

Self-fertile. (Persimmons can be planted with just one variety but you will increase fruit yields by planting two different varieties.)  Begins producing fruit at 3 years

Ripens in September or October.

Zones:  7-10      Chill Hours:   100-200

Persimmon Tree Planting Information: Click Here

Additional Information

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3-4′ Bare-root, 4-5′ Bare-root

Product Details

Fruit Color: Orange
Fruit Size: Large
Ripens/Harvest: Sept.-Oct.
pH: 6.0-7.0
Years to Bear: 2-3 years
Zone Range: 7-10
Plant Spacing: 15 feet
Pollination: Self-fruiting
Chill Hours: 100-200
Sun/Shade: Full
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