Blue-X Plant Shelters

Blue-X Plant Shlelter
Blue-X Plant ShlelterBlue-X Plant ShlelterBlue-X Plant Shlelter

Category: Growth Tubes & Shelters

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Product Description

  • Increase plant growth up to 150%.
  • Eliminate training the vine to the wire.
  • Bring in the first crop up to a year early.
  • Increase the yield of that first crop.
  • Protect the young vines from the drying and mechanical damage caused by the wind.
  • Protect young vines from rodents, rabbits and other herbivores.
  • Protect vines from chemical sprays.
  • Leave on for the first year when planting.

Use BLUE-X Grapevine Shelters to create a beneficial microclimate for each grapevine. The increased humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the growtubes accelerate plant growth and enhance vine survival.

BLUE-X Grapevine Shelters come in 30″ height which we find ideal for new muscadine plantings. All Grapevine Shelters are 3.5 inches (9 cm.) in diameter.

BLUE-X Grapevine Shelters, a partially post consumer recycled product, are fabricated from a transparent blue tinted polyester film (PET), (PART-A). This blue film admits up to 100% more photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) than opaque polpropylene. PAR is the part of the light spectrum most used by plants.

Use BLUE-X to increase the diameter of your vines! We offer the only shelter on the market today that takes advantage of beneficial blue light!

Available sizes and quantities:

Size: 30″ – Price each: $1.50 each – Box of 250: 1.25 each

Size: 48″ – Price each: $2.35 each – Box of 100: 2.22 each

Replacement Poly Sleeves Available: 30″ – .65 or 48″ – .80

Additional Information


1 – Blue-X 30″, 250 (Box) – Blue-X 30″, Replacement Sleeve – 30″, 1 – Blue-X 48″, 100 (Box) Blue-X 48″, Replacement Sleeve – 48″

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