JumpStart Vine Grow Tube



Product Description

After just one growing season, vines in JumpStart Vine Grow Tubes typically have:

o Fully trained cordons.
o Thicker more mature stem.
o Uniform growth rate throughout vineyard.
o 70% more stem dry weight.
o 70% more root dry weight.
o Balance root to shoot ratio to sustain early and large crops.

Jump Start Vine Grow Tube fuel faster, healthier growth in 3 ways.

1. By dramatically reducing the moisture and light stress that hinders early vine growth.
2. By allowing full leaf expansion for photosynthesis, thanks to Jump Start’s large 3.5″ diameters.
3. Twin walls for light diffusion and translucent to specific sunlight vines need. Jump Start Tubes are packed with greenhouse technology to stimulate the vines own phytochrome to grow the whole vine from the roots to the shoot.

THE RESULT: Almost all growers who use these tubes:

* * * Pick their first crop 1 year earlier! * * *
* * * Ramp up to full yield levels 2 – 3 years faster. * * *

The JumpStart Grow Tubes offer:

1. Side opening, so the tube can be easily removed after the vine is trained to the cordon wire.
2. 3.5″ diameters for full leaf expansion, thick stems and a balanced root-to-root ratio.
3. Exclusive and proven “Peach” color – made from the right combination of pigments – for the right combination of shoot elongation, stem thickness and root development.
4. Extra large tabs for fast and easy attachment to bamboo, pencil rod or trellis posts of any type.

Size: 30″

Additional Information


1 – JumpStart Vine Grow Tube 30″, 1 – Bag of 100 JumpStart Vine Grow Tube 30″

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