Bird Control Tape

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Bird Control Tape

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SKU: Pest Control:Bird Control Tape
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Product Description

This holographic foil bird tape is designed to utilize sight and sound to scare birds away from vineyards and fruit orchards. Iridescent material shimmers in the sunlight, disorienting pest birds.  1” x 500’ with red top and silver bottom.

  •  Foil tape makes metallic noises as it flaps in the wind, threatening birds.
  •  The simplest and least expensive way to scare off birds.
  • Reflective tape confuses the bravest of birds.
  • Even a slight breeze will cause a fluttering sound as well as mirror-bright reflections. Streamers can be attached to tree limbs, trellises or sprinkler risers.
  • Use 2′ long streamers in orchards and 8′-10′ within the problem area.
  • The red and silver reflects sunlight in dazzling flashes which birds fear because they associate it with fire.
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