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Pineapple Quince Tree 4-5′

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Product Description

 Generally ships from January through April.

We do not begin shipping Quince until late January.
(***  Please Note:  We ship to colder states beginning in late March and April unless requested earlier.)

Pineapple Quince produce delicious medium to large sized, rounded fruits that ripen from green to a golden, lemon yellow.    There appearance is slightly knobby and bumpy  with a flat bottom and thick, raised neck that comes to a tapered point around the stem.   The thin skin is smooth and very aromatic, offering hints of green apple and lemon.    The white flesh is very firm and dry and tastes like a mix of apple, pear and pineapple with a hint of acidity.  The fruit flavor is unique and one you will fall in love with.

Quince like half day to full sun and grows well in most soils. It grow 10-12 ft. in height at maturity and is hardy to at least minus 25 degree F. Quince trees can bear 100 pounds or more of fruit, which ripen from late September into October. Quince is generally pest and disease free.  Produces fruit 2-3 years after planting.

Pineapple quince are an American variety, preferred over many others for cooking and jelly making.    The yellow-hued fruits were introduced around the turn of the 20th century and were the first variety of quince considered to be just as palatable as an apple when eaten fresh.   When buying quince in a grocery store, chances are good is a Pineapple quince.

Pineapple quince are high in vitamin C and pectin. They also contain vitamin A, calcium and iron, as well as a small amount of dietary fiber and are high in carbohydrates.

  • Zones 5-9
  • Chill Hours 400-500
  • Grows 10-12′ tall
  • Bears fruit in 2-3 years after planting
  • Ripens in October
  • Likes 1/2 day to full sun
  • Fruit yield per tree – 80 to 100 lbs

Self-Fertile and hardy down to -25 degrees.


Product Details

Fruit Color: Yellow
Fruit Size: Very large
Ripens/Harvest: October
pH: 6.0-6.5
Years to Bear: 2-3 years
Zone Range: 3-9
Plant Spacing: 12-15'
Pollination: Self-fertile
Mature Plant Size: 10 ft
Fruit Yield: 80 lbs
Chill Hours: 400-500
Sun/Shade: Likes 1/2 day to full sun
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