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Dwarf Weeping Mulberry

Posted on: March 17th, 2021

The Weeping Mulberry is a beautiful accent plant for your yard or in a pot on your deck or patio, this exotic ornamental fruiting tree will grow to only 6-8 ft. in height. Weeping Mulberry bears small, sweet and tasty, jet black fruit.

Exotic, sweet, and delicious, Mulberries are very popular in Central Asia and the Middle East. Now we can grow and enjoy this juicy and nutritious fruit! Mulberry fruit resembles a Blackberry and is delicious eaten fresh and can be dried for a tasty winter snack. Mulberries are pest and disease resistant and form an attractive small tree with dark green, tropical-like foliage.

Mulberry likes half day to full sun and well drained soil. They often begin bearing 2-3 years after planting and are self-fertile. Mulberry is not bothered by pest or diseases and is hardy to minus 25 degrees F., USDA Zone 4-9.

Begins bearing around 2-3 years after planting.  Grows to only 6-8 feet high.  Berries ripen mid to late summer and bears 5-10 pounds.


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