About us.

Ison’s Nursery & Vineyard is a Third generation, family owned farm. You can buy with confidence from the grower! We have been in business since 1934 and have an A+ rating the Better Business Bureau.

We were one of the first nurseries to begin shipping fruiting plants, trees and berries.

Muscadines are our specialty! In the late 1960’s, our dad Bill Ison and Dr. B.O. Fry began breeding muscadines in order to improve size, taste and production. From the fruits of their labor we now have over 22 patented varieties of muscadine! These varieties are considered the best for commercial vineyards, u-pick operations, and the back yard hobbyist. 

We have over 45 acres of muscadines in fruit production and a nursery that offers over 200 varieties of fruit, nut and berry plants.

Although we specialize in Muscadines, Blueberries and Blackberries, we also offer you what is in our opinion the best tasting fruit and nut trees available. 


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