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Product Description

It is important with your muscadine planting that your remember where your self-fertile varieties are. These labels are perfect for tagging your plants and marking their names.

Use on all your fruit, vegetable and landscape plants.  These double faced aluminum tags are made of aluminum wrapped around cardboard. You can write on these double faced aluminum tags with a pen or a pencil on both sides. A 1/6″ hole lets you attach these metal tags with a tie or you can nail it to the post by your plants.

Embossed impression does not wear off; excellent for I.D. purposes. Any pointed object will work for embossing.

Available in box of 50 or individually.

Aluminum, 3in. x 7/8in., takes impression, 9in. stainless steel ties, wires are included but not pre-attached.

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1 – Oat Aluma Boss Label, 1 – Box of 50 Oat Aluma Boss Labels

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