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All-In-One Almond Tree

SKU: Nut Trees:All-In-One-Almond 4-5'

All In One Almond Tree. Soft shelled and very sweet. Great for home orchard. Heavy bearer. 500 chill hours. Zones 5-9.

Category: Almond

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SKU: Nut Trees:All-In-One-Almond 4-5'
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Product Description

Generally ships from  January – May.

The All-In-One almond tree only grows to about half the size of a normal almond tree, around 15 feet tall. Ideal for backyards or an area where space is an issue. Produces medium to large sized soft-shelled almonds with sweet, good quality kernels. This type is a heavy producer.

Self-pollinating – which means you do not have to plant another tree in order to bear nuts.

Nuts ripens in late September or early October and are considered a soft-shelled nut.


Product Details

Ripens/Harvest: September - October
Zone Range: 5-9
Pollination: Self-fruiting
Mature Plant Size: 15 ft
Chill Hours: 500
Sun/Shade: Full
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