Pawnee Pecan Tree

Pawnee Pecan Tree... Dwarf tree, early maturing. Large nuts with high yields. Zones 6-10.

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(Pawnee is a Type 1)

The Pawnee Pecan is the one of the most-planted pecan in North America. This hearty variety bears large, full-kernel pecans 2-3 weeks ahead of most other pecan varieties. Pawnee is a heavy producer.  large paper-shell nuts, produces 55-57 nuts per pound.

Nuts are of excellent quality and produces about 4-5 years after planting. Pawnee is a very high-yielding variety and very disease resistant. This is a dwarf variety and fast growing.

Zones: 6-10

Pecan Tree Pollination:

Pecan trees bloom and shed pollen at separate times, making pecan tree pollination different from fruit trees.

Type I pecan trees and Type II pecan trees.
For adequate cross pollination between pecan trees, it is highly recommended you grow at least one of each type. (1 & 2) 

TYPE 1:  Pecan trees shed pollen first and their pistillate flowers are receptive of pollen later in the season.
These varieties are referred to as Protandrous, having a “Type I” flowering habit.

TYPE 2: Pecan trees that have pistillate flowers that are receptive to pollen first and then their catkins shed pollen later in the season.
These trees are referred to as Protogynous, having a “Type II” flowering habit.

Pecan Tree Planting Information: Click Here

Additional Information

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3-4′ Bare-root, 4-5′ Bare-root

Product Details

Fruit Size: 55 nuts per pound
Ripens/Harvest: Early Season
Years to Bear: 4 to 5 years
Zone Range: 6-10
Plant Spacing: 60 to 80
Pollination: Plant more than 1 variety
Mature Plant Size: 60-80'
Spread: 60-80'
Fruit Yield:
Sun/Shade: Full sun
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