Stuart Pecan Tree

Stuart Pecan Tree. All time favorite. Pollinate with Desirable. Heavy yields, high quality. 40 nuts per lb. Zones 6-10

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Sold Out For The Season

*** Pecan Trees generally ship from January through April ***
*** We ship to colder states beginning in late March and early April UNLESS requested earlier.
If you live in Virginia or above tell us in the comments if you want your order shipped as soon as they are  available or in April 2024.

(Stuart is Type 2)

The Stuart Pecan is an all time favorite and a heavy bearer with excellent quality. Resistant to scab. Suitable for many different climates. 50 nuts per lb.
The trees are strong and upright, requiring less training and pruning compared to other cultivars.

For best results, pollinate with Desirable.

Zones: 6-10

Pecan Tree Pollination:
Pecan trees bloom and shed pollen at separate times, making pecan tree pollination different from fruit trees.

Type I pecan trees and Type II pecan trees.
For adequate cross pollination between pecan trees, it is highly recommended you grow at least one of each type. (1 & 2) 

TYPE 1:  Pecan trees shed pollen first and their pistillate flowers are receptive of pollen later in the season.
These varieties are referred to as Protandrous, having a “Type I” flowering habit.

TYPE 2: Pecan trees that have pistillate flowers that are receptive to pollen first and then their catkins shed pollen later in the season.
These trees are referred to as Protogynous, having a “Type II” flowering habit.

Pecan Tree Planting Information: Click Here

Additional Information

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3-4′ Bare-root, 4-5′ Bare-root

Product Details

Ripens/Harvest: October | November
pH: 6.0-6.5
Years to Bear: 5-6
Zone Range: 6-10
Pollination: Best to pollinate with Desirable
Mature Plant Size: 70-100'
Spread: 70-100'
Fruit Yield: 50 nuts per pound
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
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