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Spraying for Disease and Insects in the Vineyard

The primary diseases that affect muscadines are Black Rot, Ripe Rot, and Powdery Mildew. The primary insects are Japanese Beatles, Aphids, and leaf-hoppers. When managing the vineyard we should think preventive versus reactive, it is easier to prevent diseases and insects versus reacting to disease pressure and insect pressure.
Follow these guidelines to ensure healthy vines and high quality fruit.
1. We make our first application when the vines have new growth that is 6-8 inches in length. We apply .4 ounces of captan fungicide and .4 ounces of liquid sevin or malathion per gallon of water. We add a surfactant but the home gardener can add a squirt or two of dish washing liquid such as Dawn or Ivory. We are making a light mist application to the leaves, if the application is-dripping off the leaves you are applying too much.
2. We repeat this application about 10 days after the first application, this should give us two application prior to bloom.
3. During the bloom period I prefer not to spray, some commercial growers do but I prefer the bloom period to be as natural as possible.
4. Once the bloom period is over and I see marble size fruit I will make my 3rd application at the same rates as the previous sprays, when fruit is present these are considered cover sprays
5. My 4th spray is 10-14 days after the previous spray at the same rate.
6. Depending on weather conditions my last spray is usually about two weeks prior to harvest once harvest begins we no longer make spray applications.
In my opinion the early sprays are most important because we are preventing disease versus reacting to disease.  If we have a dry spring and summer you may not have too spray as often but if we have a lot of rain you need to follow the above schedule.
We offer a full line of fungicides and insecticides that will keep your vines healthy and your fruit beautiful.
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