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The White Walnut is also known as the butternut.  Beautiful spreading trees that have a tropical feel.  Produces most pleasant shade and the nuts are delicious.  Nuts taste like mild walnuts with a slight buttery-ness.  Fast growing tree growing several feet per season.  Leaves are big and over one foot long.  Grows to 40′ and often wider than tall.  Nuts can be harvested August through September.  Nuts are in sticky green husk that stain like black walnuts.  Zones 3-8

Ships Bareroot:  4-5′


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Fruit Color: White
Fruit Size: Dropping clusters of large, egg-shaped nuts.
Uses: Fresh Easting
Ripens/Harvest: August through September
pH: 6.0
Years to Bear: 4-5 Years
Zone Range: 3-8
Plant Spacing: 40'
Pollination: Plant Two for Increased Yield
Mature Plant Size: 40'-50'
Spread: 40'
Fruit Yield: 3 Bushels at Maturity
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
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