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Winter Pruning For Muscadines

It will soon be time to prune your muscadine vines.  Annual pruning of muscadinesMuscadine vineyard is a must if the vineyard is to be kept at its optimum production level. Unpruned vineyards may bear alternately, are nearly impossible to harvest, and are also more vulnerable to pest attacks because of reduced spray coverage and poor air movement within the canopy.

The ideal time to prune muscadines is mid to late February. We have over 40 acres of muscadines in fruit production and we will not prune them until late February or early March.

  • An un-pruned muscadine vine can withstand severe cold temperatures better than a newly pruned muscadine vine. That is one reason we wait until February to prune.
  • You may see the muscadine vines drip a liquid substance but this will not hurt the vine. We have 40 acres of muscadines in production and we will not prune them until late February.
  • Thin out dead, diseased, and interfering wood.
  • Remove all canes from the trunk except the permanent arms or those canes needed to  replace damaged or dead arms.
  •  Cut back all of the previous year’s growth, which is light brown, to two to four buds.
  • View Isons’ Guide to Winter Pruning



Ison’s Nursery & Vineyards is the largest and oldest grower of muscadine vines in the world.  In fact most of the top muscadine varieties were developed on our farm.

We are very proud of our connection to the muscadine.  It is a true southern treat.

We are happy to help you make your selections and and answer any questions that you have.

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