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Concord Seedless Bunch Grape. Similar to concord but without seeds and is sweeter. Great for fresh eating and juice. Zones 5-8. Concord Seedless Bunch Grape Vine $11.45 1 Add to Cart
Red Flame Bunch Grape. Seedless. Crisp flavor. Zones 7-10 Red Flame Bunch Grape Vine $11.45 1 Add to Cart
Hope Bunch Grape. Seedless. High yields. Vines can produce from 35-50 pounds per vine. Grapes have outstanding fruity flavor. Harvest mid August. Zones 5-8. Hope Bunch Grape Vine $14.95 2 Add to Cart
Caddo Blackberry Plant $5.75 1 Add to Cart
Powderblue Blueberry. Mid-season. Med to large sweet fruit. Great quality. Zones 6-9 Powderblue Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant $11.35 1 Add to Cart
Brightwell Blueberry. Early season. Average size. Zones 6-9. Brightwell Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant $11.35 1 Add to Cart
Red Lake Currant Red Lake Currant $14.50 1 Add to Cart
Latham Raspberry Plant $5.40 1 Add to Cart
Heritage Raspberry. Best upright ever-bearing, large red raspberry on the market. Disease resistant. Late season. Zones 4-9. Heritage Raspberry Plant $5.75 1 Add to Cart
Elderberry. Sold as a pair. John and Adams. Ripens in August. Zones 3. Elderberry Pair - 1 John and 1 Adams $15.95 1 Add to Cart
Black Walnut Tree. Self-fertile. Large nuts. Zones 5-9. Black Walnut Tree

Out of stock

$30.95 1
All In One Almond Tree. Soft shelled and very sweet. Great for home orchard. Heavy bearer. 500 chill hours. Zones 5-9. All-In-One Almond Tree

In stock

$32.95 1 Add to Cart
Colossal Chestnut Tree. Large nuts. 14 per lb. Sweet,mellow and smooth nuts. Grows fast bears within 3 years. Ripens in Oct. Zones 4-9. Colossal Chestnut Tree

In stock

$31.95 1 Add to Cart
Gala Apple Tree. Pollinator. Medium size. Flesh is firm, crisp, sweet and juicy. Ripens late Aug-mid-Sept. Zones 5-7. Code B. Gala Apple Tree $28.25 1 Add to Cart
McIntosh Apple Tree $28.25 1 Add to Cart
Minnie Royal Cherry Tree

In stock

$34.95 1 Add to Cart
Bell of Georgia Peach Tree. Freestone. Large fruit. A favorite. Heavy producer, Great flavor. Ripens in July. 800 chill hours. Zones 5-8. Bell of Georgia Peach Tree $28.25 1 Add to Cart
Bartlett Pear Tree. #1 Pear in the world. Smooth, juicy. Ripens mid August. 800 chill hours. Zones 5-8 Bartlett Pear Tree $28.25 1 Add to Cart
Hana Fuyu Persimmon Tree. Non Astringent. Very large delicious fruit. 200 chill hours. Zones 7-10. Hana-Fuyu Persimmon Tree

4-5' Bare-root

$32.95 1 Add to Cart
Brown Turkey Fig Tree. One of the best eating figs. Heavy producer. Medium to large size. Sweet and tender. 100 chill hours. Zones 6-9. Brown Turkey Fig Tree

3-4' Bareroot

$26.25 1 Add to Cart
Wonderful Pomegranate Tree. Very large and famous pomegranate. Grows to 18' and ripens in Sept. 150-200 chill hours. Zones 5-9. Wonderful Pomegranate Tree

3-4' Pomegranate

$29.95 1 Add to Cart
Chandler Strawberry Plugs


Out of stock

$40.95 1
Aluma Boss Aluminum Labels. Labels - Oat Aluma Boss

1 - Oat Aluma Boss Label

$0.20 15 Add to Cart
Tree Wrap Tree Wrap $3.95 1 Add to Cart
Moorpark Apricot Tree $28.25 1 Add to Cart
Elliiott Pecan Tree, Tons of taste in a small package. Very popular. Bakers favorite. Zones 6-10. Elliott Pecan Tree

4-5' Bare-root

$40.95 1 Add to Cart
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